Saturday, October 12, 2019

(Tutorial) Thanksgiving Paper Pumpkin and 12 Tags......So Many Possibilities!

 (We're back with this fun pumpkin tutorial and the Thanksgiving tags!)
Now here's a pumpkin that will last and last. These paper pumpkins are
 great for a centerpiece for fall, Halloween and Thanksgiving. 
(just choose the appropriate cardstock for each holiday)
 We made them for our Thanksgiving table for the decorations 
down the middle of the table but it would also be nice to make a 
different one for each guest and place them at the top of their plates.

Click HERE to get the 12 Thanksgiving tags 
See photo of all tags below

We used double-sided scrapbook paper so a color/design shows through 
on the inside.  We cut 12 strips   7" tall x 1" wide.  Punch a small hole in
 each end.  We inked the edges of the strips but this is an optional step. 
We bought both scrapbook papers at Archivers  The acorn print paper
 can be found HERE and the orange print can be found HERE  
Buy it online or ask for it at your local craft/scrapbook paper store.

Choose two brads that match your scrapbook paper. Put one in each end. 
Then bend the strips in the middle (so it looks like a capital C) 
Then start making the circle by pulling out each strip.

This is what the pumpkin will look like when you've got
 all the strips pulled into a circle.

We used the EK Success leaf punch for this project.
 (Find it HERE and HERE) The leaf measures 2 1/4" top to bottom
 and side to side. If you want your leaves to be two different 
colors just cut out two leaves, (2 colors) Cut one of the leaves
 in half  and glue on a a whole leaf. Then score or fold the leaf
 down the middle and on the sides. We inked the leaves
 in a chestnut brown ink.

If you don't have a leaf punch you could either draw 
and cut out your own or use silk leaves. Real leaves is a good option too.

You could use all one color for your leaves or multiple colors. 
Choose colors that match the pumpkin paper. They don't necessarily
 have to be green. We used the brad as an anchor for the stem, leaves and tendrils.

Cut out the stem 6" x 1/2" and curl as shown above.  
Cut tendrils 1/8" to 1/2"  x 6" (depending on what you like) a
nd wrap around a pencil to curl it.  The pumpkin measures 
16" around and 4" tall, without the stem and 6" tall, with the stem. 
You can make these pumpkins larger if you like, just cut the strips a little longer.

There are 12 different "Give Thanks" Tags for you to choose from.
 Just back each tag with a 2" scallop or round punched paper. 
Ink before putting it together. We used foam tabs to attach
 the tag pieces to each other. 

We've made up 12 Thanksgiving tags and want to share with everyone.  
We cut the white tag using a 1 1/2" scallop circle. The back piece is cut 
out of a 2" scallop circle. You can use round punches too. Add your
 favorite kind of embellishments and make them even more unique!

Click HERE to get the 12 Thanksgiving Tags
(print out as many as you need) 

Here is our second sample. We used a piece of scrapbook paper 
that was double sided and flipped every other strip to get this look.  
You may want to bend the leaves a little so they hug the pumpkin.


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  1. Just discovered your blog! Love all the fun things you do and I am definitely going to try this cute paper pumpkin!!