Monday, May 8, 2017

(Father's Day) Another Unique and SWEET Gift -A Love Note for Dad PLUS Chocolate!

Are you looking for something unique for Dad this Father's day? We think we can help. We've designed a candy bar wrap that is both Yummy (chocolate) and Sweet (love notes).  The "What I love about you" tag opens up so the kids can write something nice for Dad, something that they like/love about Dad.  I'm sure it will make his Father's Day even more special. An best of  you get the kids involved in making this gift. Give one to each child to fill out or multiples of the candy bar wrappers (just in case they have more than one message they would like to tell dad) 

There are six different flag tags.  It's a kit that is super simple to put together. The kids can write just one message or several. There are two kit sizes available.  Chocolate and a Love Note-what could be better!

The wrap glues together on the side and you insert the Hershey 1.55 oz candy bar.  Adhere the "What I love about you" tag with foam dots and glue the tag to the straw. Add a red heart on the tag and one to hold the message together and you're done.  Dad's never seen anything like this before! 

Write your message inside the card and then close with a puffy heart sticker.

You can get this kit in two sizes--6 and 12 but you an also get more if you need to. (just message us with the amount that you need) 

Love you Dad
You Rock Dad
Happy Father's Day
You're the Best
To the Greatest Dad
How Awesome Are you!

Let each of the kids choose which message(s) they want for their candy bar wrap.

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 Father's Day Gift


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