Thursday, September 15, 2016

The Cutest Halloween or Thanksgiving Pumpkin Place Cards You've Ever Seen-TUTORIAL

We've designed some place cards that can be used for either Halloween or Thanksgiving, depending on what kind of scrapbook paper you use. The good news is you can make them look however you want by the paper you choose to make them. They can be cute or scary or vintage for Halloween or traditional for Thanksgiving.  They are super simple to make and very adorable. They will make your table look amazing. 

Here is the Halloween Version. So much fun to make!

The paper that we used is can be purchased at Joann's Craft and Fabric store. It's from the line called "Coredination" You can sand it, tear it emboss it and love it. This is a two-sided paper with orange on one side and black on the other. When we sanded it the orange started to show through. It is very easy to distress. But you don't have to distress the cards.  

We cut out 5 2.5" round circles and scored and folded down the middle of 4 of them.  We used the Martha Stewart scoring board. You can get it around $12 by using a 40% off coupon at Hobby Lobby, JoAnn's or even Michaels craft stores.

We cut a 1/2" strip of the same cardstock  and folded each end in about ½".  Then we put glue on the folded ends and attached it to the inside of the card as shown. This will help the card to stand up but you may not need it, depending on what kind of cardstock you use.

Cut out 5 circles measuring 2.5" round. Score down the middle of 4 circles and fold with the orange polkadot paper/side being folded face to face. You will be gluing the back side of each circle together. 

 Glue all 4 circle pieces together leaving the last flaps on the back loose. We used a liquid glue so we could move it around to make sure the circles were lined up with each other. If you use a glue strip you don't have as much control over placement. Glue the 5th circle on the back of the pumpkin to hold it all together.

Tendrils measures ⅛" to ¼" wide x 4" long. Wrap around a knitting needle to get the spiral effect. 
Glue the tendrils on the back of the pumpkin first, followed by the stem and then the leaves. (design your own stem and leaves) 

 Card measures 3.5" wide x 8" long. Score and fold at 4"  Distress at this time if you like. We just used a small piece of sand paper to distress it. 

You can either glue the pumpkin directly to the card or attach using foam dots. Personally I like the 3D look the foam dots give.

 Banner measures 4" long x ¾" wide. We inked the banner with brown ink. Write the names
on the banner or print names on a paper and then cut out banner with the name on it.  

Attach the completed banner to the card using foam dots too. Now you've got a very cute place card for Halloween!   Email us if you have any questions about how to make up this place card. 

Here's a version that would be great for your Thanksgiving table. Just use scrapbook paper in fall colors for this card.  They would look great on both the kid's table and the adult table.

For this version we cut out six 2.5" rounds. We glued 5 of them together and then used the 6th circle to glue on the back of the pumpkin to stabilize it. Either version looks good though. 


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