Monday, September 19, 2016

Sweet Treat Tags for Halloween-Party Favors, Teacher Appreciation,Classroom Treats and More!

 It's definitely TREAT TIME!  We all give out treats this time of year and we all have kids and people that we want to give something extra special to and that's where these tags come in.  When those people come to your door on Halloween you can have a treat like this ready to give. You can put these tags on the front of a treat box or tied around a treat bag. 

They are great for PARTY FAVORS and CLASSROOM treats. The tags measure 3" long and 1.75" wide, just the right size. 

You could also use them for the famous "You've Been Booed" treats.  Just take any square container and cut some of your favorite Halloween themed scrapbook paper to put around it to make it more festive and fun. You could embellish it with stickers or buttons/badges too. Punch the hole in the top according to the size of your ribbon.  Small for twine and larger for ribbon. 

What a great idea for your Teacher's gift.

They look fun attached to a bag of treats, including one of our Halloween Hershey Nugget wraps.

The Sweets Treat Tags are available here

We've got some Halloween themed Hershey Kiss tags and Hershey Nugget Wraps that would be perfect for this treat. Click HERE


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