Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Fabulous Activity Boxes for Kids from Surprise Ride-Plus a Give-a-Way

Have you heard of  SURPRISE RIDE?  I didn't know about them until they contacted me. They said they wanted to send me a box for me to review.  I told them up front that I would have to give it my honest opinion, whether it was good or bad and if that was okay with them then they could send a Surprise Ride box for me to check out. They agreed and this is what I got in the mail.  It's just full of fun!

There was a 61 page DK Reader all about Rocket Science PLUS a Surprise fact booklet about Rockets

The balancing rocket measures 5.5" long. (2 pieces) 

This sheet tells you everything that's included in this month's box and gives an explanation.

Here are the instructions for painting the Rocket Frame

Here are all the things you need to complete this project.  (1) Disposable apron (2) Five paint pots  (3) Mixing bowl (4) Sand Paper (5) Paint brush (6) Rocket Frame. Put your favorite photo in the top of the rocket. What a fun keepsake

This looks like fun! You put the rocket on top of the bulb and squeeze. Just how high do you think you can make the rocket go? Three rockets and bulb included.

There is another set of instructions that explains how to make and launch a rocket using the items shown above in the photo. Sounds like fun!

and last but not least there is a Rocket Ship paper plate and a fruit bar. I was impressed with the bar as it has No preservatives, 100 calories, non fat, 3g of fiber and non GMO.  It's gluten free, Kosher, Vegan and raw.  The label says the ingredients are: apples, cranberries, cane sugar and sunflower oil. Hey, no high fructose corn syrup? Good job! 

What did we think about the Activity Box?

I was actually impressed with the quality of the items that were included in the monthly box that I received. The box itself was packaged nicely (and did I tell you shipping is free)  So, I will give them a big thumbs up!  The activities are very creative and since several activities are included, the kids are sure to have a lot of fun with them.  And that's my honest opinion. Think of how uncomfortable this review could have been if I thought it was junk!!! 

  CLICK HERE to go to the page where you subscribe to get these fun boxes and learn more about this fun company. At the top of this page is a $10 discount code-YEA!!


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