Saturday, February 14, 2015

Another fun Teacher Appreciation Gift Idea-For Teachers at School or Church

Here's a fun way to give teacher chocolate in thanks for all her efforts in behalf of your children. This would work for the school teachers and also for teachers at church.  A Candy Bar Bouquet is so much fun to put together and inexpensive, especially if you get your supplies from The Dollar Store. We got the box and crinkle paper there. The box actually had a Easter design on it so we just covered it with red scrapbook paper and added the ribbon and a heart.  The paper flowers are easy to make but you could always use silk flowers or some other kind of flower--You're CREATIVE!

There are 2 different designs in this kit with a total of 6 in the kit (3 of each design).This design is exclusive to us and a brand new addition to our Etsy shop. 

 These candy bar wraps will fit on a Hershey 1.5 oz candy bar or a Nestle 1.45 oz chocolate candy bar

You could even wrap the whole thing up in a big cellophane bag if you like.  Guaranteed the teacher will not have seen this anywhere else as these are our newly designed Teacher Appreciation Candy Bar Wraps.

Click HERE to get more information about this fun kit and have your Teacher Appreciation gift taken care of...... done, done, done


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  1. That's really nice! I love how your flowers turned out!

  2. Thanks Holly~ I really love this type of paper flower too.