Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Let Your Confidence Show-Inspirational Notes for Kids, Teenagers, Moms and Dads with Door Knob Tag

Having raised three kids myself, I know there are times when they need a confidence boost and so I've designed these notes and door knob hang tags just for that reason. If they're having a bad day and need some encouragement just put the door tag on their door knob and place one of the notes that are perfect for the situation. When they wake up in the morning they've got a note/quote that could inspire them and put a smile on their face.

The door knob hanger tag comes in pink and blue. Complete and easy instructions are included. Super Simple. "Let your Confidence show!" 

We've designed  two different sets. This one is for the girls/women. 12 different notes to choose from.  The door knob tag color is pink. Super simple to put together and a tutorial will be included. 

Click HERE to get the collection for girls

We've also had friends ask us if we have notes like this for their husbands. They wanted to put something special in their lunch bag, and not only can you use these notes for husbands, they are also great for older kids, teens  and women. Your co-workers might love a note too.  Or how about just putting one on your computer to inspire yourself!

These are the notes for the boys, whether your kids or husband.  The door knob tag is in a lovely blue color and is a two piece item. Super simple to put together. 12 different notes to choose from. 

Click HERE to get the collection for boys

If someone is feeling particularly down a sweet treat may be in order and a note placed on the treat is just perfect!  A note on the bathroom mirror will be seen and so will one placed on their computer or cell phone.  Don't forget about dad....notes placed on his lunch bag or rear view mirror are sure to be seen and read.

So whether you put a note in the cute door knob hang tag or on something else, these quotes are sure to make a difference in someone's day. Smiles all around!

Click HERE to get the notes that help build confidence!


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