Thursday, June 6, 2019

Fathers Day Gift Ideas -You're One Smart Cookie, Kisses for Dad Instant Download!

Here's a easy and fun gift for the kids to give Dad on Father's Day.  Just all an empty soda bottle with Hershey Kisses and give dad a bunch kisses on his special day.  Instructions on how to put it together will be included in the download link.  After filling just put the label on the bottle and add a bow. If you add crinkle paper in the bottom you won't need to add as many kisses.

You can get a bag of 330 Hershey Kisses at Sam's Club for only $11.99
What a fun way to celebrate dad this year. It's a simple gift for the kids to give dad. All four of the labels are included. All you add are the Hershey kisses and crinkle paper (or you can leave out the crinkle paper)  Super simple to do!

The color scheme here is red, navy blue, light blue and grey. with red kisses and red crinkle paper but silver wrapped Hershey Kisses would look great with this tag too. 

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This color scheme is light green, medium green, light blue and medium blue with blue and green kisses and blue crinkle paper. 

The color scheme for this label is orange, light orange, brown and green. The crinkle paper is the natural color paper. 

Cookies, Cookies, Cookies.... What's Dad's favorite cookie?  Any size or shaped cookie can be placed inside an empty soda bottle.  A complete tutorial is included. The kids will love putting this together and Dad will love getting his favorite cookie, whether it is store bought such as an Oreo or one of your fabulous home baked cookies.  Included with the label is a hammer, screwdriver and wrench for you to cut out and add to the the decoration of the bottle.

The color scheme for this navy blue, red and medium blue. Since the cookies aren't wrapped up like the Hershey kisses we left out the crinkle paper.

Place your cookies in a glass container too. You can find these glass containers at Hobby Lobby.  They are very inexpensive and you can tell Dad it is his own personal cookie jar filled with his favorite cookies.

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These cute "Tie" themed gift cards can be used for any type of gift. We found these food boxes at Joann's and just added a bow and the tag. Super Easy!

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