Friday, March 28, 2014

Our Easter Fun Printable Collection is Here! Ideas for Easter Basket Treats and Paper Carrots

Our Easter Printable Collection is full of things to make your Easter holiday even more special.  You can purchase the entire collectible or buy each piece individually and they are an INSTANT DOWNLOAD which means you don't have to wait to get your hands on them!  

Click HERE to get the entire set or parts of the collection

 Put these cute treats in the kid's Easter basket and even inside the plastic Easter eggs to make the Easter Egg Hunt even more fun!               
There are 6 different colors for our cupcake toppers. You can put them in any type of dessert-they will dress up anything you put them in....a big brownie, slice of pie, strawberry shortcake etc. 

Our flags come in 6 different colors. (borders) You can also put them on a  straw for your drinks.

You can whip up these paper carrots in no time at all. To finish them off just add one of our tags and a ribbon. 

You can cut 4 carrot papers out of one 12" piece of scrapbook paper. Be sure to get a green paper for the carrot top that is two sided and has a tone of green on each side. 

We sized these tags just for these paper carrots. Once you get them made up just add our tags and a ribbon.  We used a 2" flower punch and a 1.5" round paper punch.  

 HERE is the tutorial that I used to make up these carrots

We supply the label and you supply the white card stock for the tag. You staple the white tag onto the bag and then adhere the label on top, that way the staple won't show.

Here are your easy instructions for putting together the tag for "To one of my favorite PEEPS" treats.

Click HERE to get the cute tags for your Easter carrots


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