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Fun Fathers Day Gift Ideas-What I love about dad, Gift Tags and Labels for Soda Bottles and More!

Here's are some Father's Day gifts that dad will always remember. There are a lot of options when using our gift tags and labels.  You can fill a soda bottle with folded gift cards. Inside each card write something that you love about dad, a memory, or a event or something he's done for you.....anything will work.  Then dad gets to sit down and read all the wonderful things you've written about him.  This will definitely be a gift to remember and such a simple one. And below you will see a fun one that involves a carton of dad's favorite soda. Both projects are very simple to make....the kids can even help. 

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Father's Day gift printables

We'll included the tutorial for making and filling up this soda bottle. You select from 4 different labels. Two of the labels say "Happy Father's Day, The things I love about you" and two tags say "World's Best Pop, the things I love about you"   All four labels are shown in in the samples. Just fill it with the gift cards the kids have filled out for dad. What fun it will be.

If you're running short of time but still want to make up the gift cards for dad, a glass jar will work too. We put the label on the jar and then cut a white piece of scrapbook paper that is as wide as the label to continue around the jar. Then we added a bow tie on the top. The template for this bow tie is included in the digital file. You can print off the template and trace onto some scrapbook paper or you can print off the template on the back of your favorite scrapbook paper. Just run the paper through the printer upside down so the template prints on the back.

The easiest of all to make is this project.  We purchased a colorful box and cut the label to fit on the front of the box. We inked the edges with brown ink. You just place all the cards inside and put a bow around the box. Easy!

There are 7 "World's Best Pop" cards included and 5 "Happy Father's Day" cards . Each card is made up in using a different paper. 12 tags in all.  You can print out as many of these cards as you need to fill the container you've selected.

BANNER: You could even create a banner with these cards by running a string down the fold of each card and hanging on a wall or fireplace etc.

Now to our last option for these cute Father's Day gift.  We created a label just for a carton of soda.  The Stewart's soda carton is a perfect fit for two of these labels (one for the front and one for the back)  We traced the carton onto white paper  (easy) and covered the carton entirely and then adhered a label to the front and one on the back (they overlay on the side of the carton)  The template for the bowties are also included in the file.  We inked these bowties too. (totally optional)

You can see where the two labels meet on the side. We didn't adhere them securely so you could see the seam in the photo. Using a label on the back and the front of the carton looks great.....but you could use one label if you prefer.  Any type of soda/carton would work for this project. Even a 6-pack will work. Just cover the carton or leave it plain and add a label--Soooo many options! (each label measures 10.5 to 11" long, depending on how close to the edges the copier prints-we suggest taking them to Office Max, or Office Depot or any printer that uses a laser printer....the colors will be so bright and crisp)

So what is included in this Father's Day digital download file:

12 World's Best Pop, The things I love about you"  gift tags

2 Happy Father's Day, the things I love about you"  labels for a 2 liter soda bottle, jar or box

2 World's Best Pop, the things I love about you" labels for 2 liter soda bottle, jar or box

2 Blue World's Best Pop, Happy Father's Day" labels for soda carton

2 green World's Best Pop, Happy Father's Day" labels for soda carton

Template for bowties for a  carton of soda bottles

Template for 3-D bowties for a 2 liter soda bottle, glass jar or box

Click HERE to get these fun 
Father's Day printables 


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