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Amazing Candy Land Birthday Party-Lots of Photos Plus Tutorials

 We're featuring a fun Candy Land birthday party by Shaye Matthews of Couture Celebrations OKC  today. (Click here for her facebook page) I'm sure she would love to have you as a friend and could answer any questions you might have about this party or any of the other fabulous parties she has on her facebook page.  She has designed such a beautiful tablescape with yummy treats!  She even gives us insight into how she designed and put together this party. Don't miss a detail below. 

 When I asked my daughter what kind of party she wanted for her birthday this year, she had a tough time making a decision.  First, she decided on Rainbow... then Wreck it Ralph... and then her light bulb moment... both!  Candy Land!!   I knew immediately that I wanted to stay as true to the actual board game as possible.  About a month before the event, I started scouring the web for the best prices on candy and what I actually needed.  I eventually landed at where they had the chocolate truffles, oversized Hershey's Kisses, Hammond’s twisted lollipops, M&Ms, sour chews, and gummy bears (large and small).  And that, along with phone calls to some of my favorite local vendors, solved what would actually go on the table. Now the fun part, how to display all of this?

I definitely wanted to keep it colorful, cheerful and bright, so the table was placed where it would receive the most natural light.  Then, I began work on the tulle backdrop.  I measured from the top of the windows to a couple of feet from the floor to get the length of each piece of tulle I would need.  For my space, it was about 14 rolls.  Once I had all of the tulle cut, I secured each piece by making a slip knot around a large section of yellow ribbon - in rainbow order with pink at the end!  I secured the backdrop to my wall with clear push pins.  I cut the banner and lettering from glitter paper and tied them together with pink tulle.  The long section of tulle at the end of the banner was tied around the clear push pin on either end to secure the banner.  Balloons were secured with a glue dot and placed to cover the ending portion of the backdrop. 

 Now, when it comes to sewing, I am sitting firmly at the level directly below novice.  So, naturally, no sew glue was my trusty companion for my next venture!   I found some very pretty pink ruffled fabric and had three yards cut.  For the table skirt, I measured the length from the edge of the table to right above the floor.  I used that as a guide to cut the remainder of the ribbon (about 24 rolls).   I cut a large section of red ribbon and used the fabric glue to secure each piece of ribbon in rainbow order.  It dried fairly quickly, however, I would suggest letting it dry overnight.  Once dried, it can be adhered to the table cloth with safety pins or large glue dots.  In order to complete the look, I used the fabric glue to attach a long section of pink ribbon around the top of the table skirt.  

The most challenging part of this table was trying to decide how to display the Lollypop Woods.  At first I thought I would stick each lollipop in vases filled with candy, but I decided it wouldn’t provide the look that I was going for.   I ended up using floral arrangement foam, peppermints, M&Ms, sour chews, foam glue and a level surface.  To do this, get one side of the foam rectangle covered in glue.  The candy coating will start to come off in the glue, which will cause the pieces to slide around.  The faster you can get your pieces on and settled onto the level surface where they will dry for next several days, the better.  Once the glue had completely dried, I flipped the side covered with candy to face the front and placed the three large lollipops into the foam on the top surface.  I then repeated the process with the glue and placing the candy around the lollipop sticks.  The smaller lollipops were arranged into a smaller piece of foam that would fit into a candy jar, and the foam was hidden and held in place by M&Ms.  

With all of those items in place it was just a matter of trial and error to find the placement of the candy and baked goods so that it would provide a balanced look!  This party was a lot of fun to put together and a dream come true for my little girl!  When the guests arrived, my favorite part was watching the look of sheer joy sweep across their faces when they saw a beloved childhood game come to life!   

Love the Gingerbread house!

Amazing chocolate covered apples

The birthday cake is a work of art!

Happy Birthday to Cami. I'm sure this will be a birthday she will always remember, and what a darling group of girls. Thanks to Shaye for letting us share her photos of her Candy Land birthday party. 
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Vendor Credits:
Cupcake Commons and Candy Castle were from Amy Cakes, Norman Oklahoma ]

Gingerbread House, Ice Cream Slopes (cake pops), and cookies were from 3 Monkeys Cakes & Cookies (OKC) ]

Ice Palace (chocolate covered apples) were made by Apple Envy (OKC) ]

Design and Styling by Couture Celebrations OKC  [ ]

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  1. I LOVE this!! I wonder if my 18 year old daughter would like this for the next birthday?! :-)

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