Tuesday, March 19, 2013

3 New Designs-Lunchbox Notes Door Knob Hanging Tag for Preschoolers Are Available Now

Brand New to our Etsy shop are these redesigned Lunchbox Note Door Knob Hanging Tags.  They are especially for the kids that are still home, the preschoolers.  Now they don't need to be left out....they see their older brothers and sisters getting special notes from Mom and/or Dad in their lunchbox and now they can get their own notes.  Leave the note in their hanging tag at night and when they wake-up they have a nice surprise all their own.

Click HERE to get these for your Preschoolers!

There are three different templates in this digital file.  Dark pink, lime green and orange....one for everyone.  They are super simple to assemble, just download, print, cut and assemble. We'll also include a photo tutorial for the hanging tags that is very easy to follow.  All our printables in our Etsy shop are a Instant Download now.  You will receive an email within minutes of your purchase so you can get them made right away.  The lunchbox notes shown in the photos aren't included with this digital file but we do have three collections that are available.
Click HERE to go to our Etsy Shop and get these for yourself!

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