Thursday, January 7, 2016

Valentine's Day Treat-Cupid's Arrow - Fun for a Classroom Treat-Super Simple!

Been racking your brain for a unique gift for the kid's to take to school on Valentine's Day?  Well, here's your answer! It's a Cupid's Arrow that can be made out of a candy stick or a pencil.....Sugar-Free arrow or Candy Arrow--You decide. The pencils and candy sticks are so inexpensive that you won't mind including two for every child. I think this would be a treat that the kids would be excited to take to school. 

The Dollar Store is a great source for Valentine themed pencils. 12 pencils in a package for $1.00 They may have the Pixy Stix in their candy section too.

If you aren't crafty don't worry, they are so simple to put together, even the kids could help and you'll be so pleased with the end product! 

CLICK HERE  to get more details

 Happy Valentine's Day!


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