Tuesday, December 10, 2013

(Freebie) Christmas Coloring Book-12 Days of Christmas-For the Kids

And now something fun for the kids to do over their Christmas vacation.  Give them some quiet time where they can develop and use their creativity with these fun coloring pages.  Great fun for all ages of kids!  Even Mom and Dad can get in on the fun.

 We're back with our Christmas coloring book.  This time we are including the inside coloring pages in the download. This book is full of cute coloring pages for the 12 days of Christmas. There are 2 pages of the each design, one that is printed out in color and one that is ready for your kids to color. 

 This is the first page of the book.  Print the Santa picture on this side of the page and then run the same page in the printer and print the "partridge in a pear tree" color photo on the back.  If you do it this way your coloring book will look like the photo below with the color page on the left and the coloring page on the right.

Here are the second and third pages. You can also fill your book with only the coloring pages and leave out the color pages. We glued a coloring page and the next colored page together. If you skip this step you will have two blank pages in between each set of pictures.

If you make your book up like we did be sure to punch the holes in the color pages on the right side of the page so they will go into the book as shown above.

 In this free download you will get: 12 coloring pages, 13 color pictures, and 1 cover picture

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The pictures above are the colored pages. The coloring pages are in the same design ready to be colored by the kids. Thanks to Dearie Doll Digi Stamps for allowing us to use their cute pictures. 

Click HERE to get this FREE File for a fun Christmas Coloring Book for the kids


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  1. so nice..I shared with a friend who is a daycare provider

  2. Love it shared with my coworkers at school! Thanks

  3. Thanks for the coloring book download!
    I Love it!!

  4. This is awesome, thank you so much for sharing. My grandkids will love this!!

  5. Thank you, my granddaughter will love this.

  6. Thank you! These are so sweet...they'll also make adorable embroidery patterns!