Friday, August 3, 2012

More Teacher Appreciation Gift Ideas

It's that time of year again....a very exciting time of the year when anything is possible concerning your children. New things to learn and do. And who makes all this learning possible is your child's teacher. Give her a "first day of school" gift to thank them for all the hard work they are yet to do in behalf of your child. We've found some fun things below. Get all the free downloads for the cute tags and ideas including our original Teacher Appreciation notes/tags.  Most have a sweet treat theme behind them.... Sweets for the Sweet (teacher)

(One Smart Cookie) Make your child's teacher some of your fabulous cookies and I'm sure she'll have a smile on  her face. The box is an embellished gable box available at most craft stores. The cute tag is a freebie. Head on over to  Sweet Metal Moments to get the free download. 

How about a sweet for the teacher? You can customize this candy bar wrap with your teacher's name. Now isn't that sweet?  The Celebration Shop

Here are some really cute designs that you can personalize for Teacher or anything else you want. (Thank you, Happy Birthday, Baby Showers, Graduation Etc)  You type in the message and words that you want. Get all the directions HERE

Get all these fun labels and add them to Mentos, Whoppers, Soda and Reese's Pieces. There are more labels that are not shown above. They are a freebie! Kids Cog Works

What a cute package for the teacher. Candy and Soda....a teacher's best friend after a long day?  The tag is a free download and instructions are included.   Made to be Creative

Get these cute labels for teacher themed gifts. The labels are a freebie. Tags for gifts that teacher will appreciate over at  Crafting Mom

Don't forget the coach this year! This one is for a basketball coach.  Get more details and a free printable label HERE

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  1. Do you like to suggest some more unique ideas for send gifts to my parents?