Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Unique Easter Egg Crafts & Yummy Treats for Kids plus Grow your own Easter grass

It's time to decorate, dye and design Easter eggs again. Yea! Let's jazz up the Easter egg.  Yes, it is fun to dye them all kinds of fun colors but these Easter crafts takes it to another level.  Be creative and embellish these designs even further with your fabulous imagination!

Easter Egg Sheep SOURCE
Easter Egg Pig SOURCE

Easter Egg Bumblebee SOURCE
Easter Egg BlueBird SOURCE

Easter Egg Dove SOURCE
Easter Egg Cow SOURCE

Easter Egg Mom SOURCE
Easter Egg Dad SOURCE

Easter Egg Dye-ving Dudes SOURCE
Easter Egg Baby Megg SOURCE

Easter Egg Mouse SOURCE 
Easter Egg SuperEgg-Man Egg SOURCE

What a easy way to dye Easter eggs-No more cups tipping over! SOURCE 

Now what to put all those cute Easter eggs in?  This cute bag! It's from Chasing Fireflies. Click HERE to read the tutorial and make it for under $5

Now what's for dessert? These Easter treats are cute and easy and fun to make!  Get the kids in on the fun!

Cookies and Cream SOURCE
Easter Basket Cake SOURCE

 Easter Basket Cupcakes SOURCE
Easter Bunny Cupcakes SOURCE 

  Carrot Patch Cookies SOURCE
Humming Bird Nests SOURCE

 Spring Chicken Pops SOURCE
Easter Egg Pops SOURCE

Peeps Wreath SOURCE

 Peeps Topiary SOURCE

Make up some delicious Bunny Bait.  Something for the Easter bunny and you. Popcorn and other yummy Treats all in one recipe.(Use the pastel M&M's)   Source & Recipe


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