Tuesday, February 14, 2012

{Tips and Tricks} Spring/Easter Flowers, Need a Tissue, Apple Pie in an Apple? Publish your Own Cookbook

Some of our favorite tips  and ideas are in this post. Found some fun ideas for shredding chicken, Cafe Rio Recipe, Spring and Easter decor, apple pie baked in an apple, a to-die-for patio and swimming pool, how to publish your own hardback cookbook, Spongebob and more! Which one is your favorite?

  Cute ideas for a Spring or Easter flower arrangements.  #1) All you need are some plastic eggs in your favorite color and a glass jar and another smaller glass! #2)Then just add fresh cut lemons around the inside of the pitcher for another pretty arrangement. Perfect!  SOURCE

Isn't this Daffodil Cake Pop adorable! See and read the tutorial HERE

Have a cold? Need a Tissue? Rubber band a full tissue box and an empty tissue box together.  Now you have some place to put the used tissues.  If your picky about your decor....just tie a ribbon around the box instead of a rubber band.   SOURCE

Fold over the top of your rubber gloves when doing the dishes....They will catch the water and stop it from running down your arm. SOURCE

Did you know you can shred chicken in your KitchenAid?  It must be cooked and warm. Find out more SOURCE

 Isn't this the most amazing patio, with an equally amazing flagstone fireplace. You could spend time out here in warm or cold weather. What's the TIP?  Just keep this in the back of your mind  for when you're building your next home! SOURCE

 Just had to add in this photo of a spectacular swimming pool. Don't you love it? (no source)

 This is  the Spongebob Suite at the Nick Hotel in Florida. Your Spongebob fans would love this one!

 I've seen dispensers like this that hold only one drink...now that I've seen this one that holds 3, I've got to have it.  Such a great idea.  You can find it HERE

 I love the "apple pie" apples from Rocky Mountain Chocolates so I thought this recipe might be worth trying.  Here's the recipe so you can try it too SOURCE

 What a yummy idea? An apple pie baked in an apple!   Hollow out an apple, add your filling and a lattice crust and you've got an apple pie in an apple!  Get all the details HERE

 For all of you out there who are Cafe Rio fans here is the recipe for the Cafe Rio Chicken. Yea! The only ingredient you might  not have in house right now is the Zesty Italian dressing...The rest you'll probably have  SOURCE

 Do you have a lot of favorite recipes you'd like to put all together?  The company called BLURB will do that just for you. Compile a cookbook like the one above.  This cookbook is from the blog "Clover Lane"  I love the cover.  Add in pictures of the food or of family and friends-the sky's the limit with this project!  Click HERE to go to the blog and read more and Click HERE to go to the BLURB web site

 Do you have a small space in between our washer and drawer?  Let's not waste space....get you this set of wicker drawers (plastic) to hide the things you use in the Laundry Room. A place for everything and everything in it's place!  SOURCE


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