Thursday, January 5, 2012

Valentines Day Ideas-Bingo Game, Cards, Party Ideas & Food

We've found some sweet ideas for Valentines Day..... some fun cards for boys, (or girls) gifts for teacher and yummy food.  There's even a very romantic gift you can make for your sweetheart. Some of the things needed to complete the projects below can be found at the dollar store so they will be inexpensive to make!  Just add your own artistic touch to any of the projects below and make it truly unique to you.

Here's a fun Bingo Game for your Valentine's Day parties, even at school!  We'll include the numbered calling sheet using numbers 1-75!  Click HERE

  Fill a tin with the sweetest Valentine candy you can find and will be a nice gift for the teacher  SOURCE


 You can find these plastic containers at the dollar store-then add cute Valentine themed paper and ribbon Hershey Kiss Jars

Love the look of these tea-stained doilies, especially as they are placed on the glasses above. Would be great for a romantic Valentines Dessert and/or decor.  Head on over to Pen n' Paper FLowers to get the tutorial on tea staining doilies

Talk about romantic!  This excellent Valentines Day Gift lists "52 reasons I love you"  It's made out of playing cards and other embellishments. Get all the info including the source for the cards and how to put it together. Just think of the look on the face of your significant other when you give this to them!  SOURCE

 Love those pink red and white M&M's .....Along with a cute shovel and a tag that says "I dig you" (Hint--Buy the Christmas M&M's after Christmas at a huge discount and use the red ones for Valentines day and the green ones for St. Patrick's Day....I've read you can even freeze the Hershey Kiss candy)  SOURCE

These look absolutely delicious! SOURCE   Use them in hot chocolate, or bag them up, add a bow and a tag and you've got a very sweet treat!   And here's a recipe for homemade marshmallow from  Martha Stewart

These cute containers are so easy to make and hold just the right amount of treats. TUTORIAL  and  SOURCE 

Have you see this cute card with a "bubble" full of candy?  You actually use a heart-shaped soap mold for the bubble. So Sweet!  Get all the information and tutorial HERE


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