Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Too Cute! World's Best Pop {Father's Day}

For day number 4 of our Father's Days Favorite Picks......Saw this on the Pebbles web site and had to share it with you. See the kit information below. You can buy it at the store or online---They are as cute as they look, promise!

Imagine celebrating Dad with a specially decorated table! Each person can have their own 'Pop'. Also a fun gift to present to all the men in your life!

 What makes this a do-it-yourself that will turn out as beautiful as it looks in the photo?  The strips of paper that you make the rosette out of is actually scored (lightly) where you need to fold so your rosette will come out perfect every time.
(They're so smart at Pebbles and very creative too) 
Here's a link to the Pebbles Online Store 

Here's yet another great idea from Pebbles that you can  purchase online or in the store. 

The paper used to cut out these ties is so nice. It has a different design/color on each side (2-sided paper) so you have lots of choices for how you want your banner to look Click here  for the Pebbles in My Pocket web site.

If this is your first time making a banner,   Here's a tutorial 
It's Super Simple, anyone can do it, including you!

Here's an earlier post we did featuring another
Pebbles in my Pocket Father's Day Craft
Click here!  to see it-Can also be bought in store or on-line

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