Friday, June 17, 2011

Father's Day FREEBIE-Cootie Catcher

Just in the nick of time-- here's a free printable cootie catcher perfect for your kids to give Dad on his day! Not only is it chalked full of coupons for dad to redeem, it's also a game for your kids to play with him. Remember the fortune teller/cootie catchers when you were little-- here it is again, but with a Dad-twist
 Have Dad pick which type of Dad he is feeling like (Chef Dad, Gadget Dad, Business Dad, or Sports Dad), and let the fortune telling begin. Once complete, Dad is given his own "coupon" to redeem (for instance, "Dad gets the remote for the night.")
Can't remember how to fold it once printed? No problem, just follow the handy instructions and get your free download Here

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