Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Teacher Appreciation Printables and FUN Packaging Ideas

We've designed a printable for the upcoming Teacher Appreciation Week the first of May. We've put together several different ways for you to package our Hershey Nugget Wraps while using the banners and the gift cards at the same time. The tutorials and our sources will be included with the printable download along with large photos of  4 other gift wrapping ideas. If you're giving teacher a gift card this year we've got you covered. Are you giving her candy....we've got you covered and there's even a book full of nuggets for teacher.  Guaranteed you won't find these printables anywhere else-They are unique and a one-of a kind gift for Teacher.

Here is a cute paper bouquet for Teacher. Easy to put together (tutorial included with printable in download) It's something she could leave in her classroom year round (after she eats the chocolate, that is)

When you purchase our Teacher Appreciation Printables you get:

(1)  12 Flags with thank-you expressions on each one in 2 different sizes  for a total of 24 flags 
(2)  20 different Chocola teWraps with 4 of each color (each paper is a different design) 
(3)    6 different gift cards with a different thank-you expression on each one
(4)    Tutorial file with large color photos and instructions on five different ideas on packaging Teacher's gift using our printables (Super easy and fun to make) 
(5)    Sourcing information for everything used on the projects. (So you can make up any of the 5 projects to give to Teacher. They're super easy and lots of fun.

20 chocolate candies  fit nicely inside this paper mache book. Easy to make up. Instructions are included in the tutorial that will be sent to you. 

Click HERE to see our Teacher Appreciation Printables in our Etsy Shop  

We suggest taking our printables to some place such as Office Max, Office Depot or anywhere that uses laser printers for bright, crisp colors.

Each gift card has a different main color so you won't have a hard time matching it to the things that you use for your Teacher's Gift. Already have something in mind for Teacher? Then just attach one of our gift cards to your present..

Click HERE to see the listing in our Etsy shop and get one for yourself. We just took the work out of getting your children's Teacher's gifts ready.

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  1. This is absolutely AMAZING!!! I am heading over to your shop to buy them as soon as payday rolls around. You totally saved my bacon this year! My kids teachers will LOVE them. :) You are so wonderful!!!!