Thursday, March 7, 2013

Fun Easter Chocolates for Easter Baskets - Hershey Chocolate Nugget Candy Bar Wraps

 We've just finished designing our Easter Hershey Nugget wraps.  There are 10 green and 10 pink wraps. Each a different paper. Just the right size to fit into a Easter basket....or you could put 4 or 5 into a Pretzel Bag  and and tie with a bow. (photo below) Either way I'm sure it will bring a smile on the kid's faces come Easter morning.    Click HERE to see them in our Etsy Shop

Our Nugget Wraps are very easy to assemble. Just download the file and print. I would suggest taking the file to Office Max, Office Depot or anywhere else that does color copies. You'll love how they'll look.  Just cut each wrap apart and adhere to a Hershey Nugget. Super Simple but a nice touch.

The nuggets looks so nice wrapped up like this.  The tutorial is in one of our other blog posts.  CLICK HERE to see it   (Tutorial  near the bottom of the page)

You can get Hershey Nuggets in milk chocolate (wrapped in silver paper) and other delicious flavors (all wrapped in gold)  They run about $2.99 a bag.

You could even put the Easter Nuggets inside the Easter eggs you use for your Easter Egg Hunt. Would be a fun treat/surprise for the kids.

Click HERE to see these nugget wraps 
and all the other fun printables in our Etsy Shop!


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