Friday, January 3, 2014

Valentine's Day Treat-Cupid's Arrow / Pixie Stix / Sticks-Easy to Make!

What a fun Valentine's Day treat to give to family and friends and even classmates. It's a Cupid's Arrow made out of a pixie stix. They would be especially fun for the kids at school!

For those of you who would like to start working on this project immediately,  you can get an instant download in our Etsy shop, yes I said Instant Download of everything you need to make this cute Valentine's Day Treat! (except the pixie stix)  There's nothing like being prepared in advance of the holiday. 

What's Included so you can make up Cupid's Arrow?

1 sheet of feathers in 9 different colors (9)
1 sheet of  feathers in white (9)
1 sheet of  42 hearts in 7 different colors (in case you don't have a heart punch)
1 sheet of 30 hearts in white (in case you don't have a heart punch)
1 sheet of  20  "Happy Valentine" tags
1 sheet of  20 "To and From" tags
Tutorial/directions  for putting this cute Valentine treat together along

CLICK HERE  to go to our Etsy Shop

 Happy Valentine's Day!


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