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Teacher Appreciation Tags + Ideas for Valentine's Day

I bet you thought I forgot all about a Valentine's Day gift for the teacher....Of course not!  I think it's very important to let teacher know how much you appreciate them and what better day than Valentine's Day.  Within the printable we are offering here is the "Happy Valentine's Day" tag and the top "You Rule, thanks teacher" tag. We've made it up in different sizes so you'll have one that will fit the jar you want to use. You could put the 3D heart and tags on a box of store bought cookies or treats too.

 We filled a glass jar with Valentine's Day Conversation Hearts  to give to Teacher.  IT's such a easy gift to put together. Fill it with teacher's favorite candy or chocolates, or home made treats.

Our Valentine Teacher Appreciation will be available again  January (2014)

 Use any size heart for this project.  Add one of our tags and you're done. It's simple as that!  Something special for teacher.

 The top tag is one that the teacher should especially like.  "You Rule, Thanks Teacher"  There's a place to write your child's name and the Teacher's name too. We glued the bottom tag to the jar and then used foam dots to adhere the top one.

Closeup of the top tag. (inked)  Cut yours out in any 2 complimentary colors. You could use a round paper punch too.

We purchased this small  bottle at Hobby Lobby also (at half price)  It measures 4.5" tall and 2.5" wide and "before sale" price was $1.99. Fill it with small treats such as Conversation Hearts, M&M's Gummy hearts, Hershey Kiss or Hershey Nuggets etc. It may be just the right size treat for teacher. We used the same size heart on this small bottle as we did for the large jar. 

We used the smaller tag for this bottle (available in the file) 

 How about a large container of candy. We put different kinds of suckers inside. Or you could fill it with teacher's favorite treats......It doesn't have to be a candy treat.....could be a "movie" themed gift (popcorn, gift card, flavored salts, popcorn bags etc) or a "Spa" themed gift (soaps, fingernail polish, lotions etc.)  This container is one that was once filled with nuts or chocolate from Costco. We tied a ribbon all the way around and glued on the 3D heart and tags. Ribbon from Costco.  Below is the back side.

You could put both tags on the container (front and back) or just use one.  

How To:The 3D Heart  
Cut three identical hearts (scalloped or smooth edged-your choice of size)
Score or fold each heart down the middle
Glue first heart to the second heart (2nd photo)
Glue second heart to the third heart, matching scallop if using. (3rd photo)
Use glue or foam dots to adhere to jar, box or bottle or whatever using
Use solid colored cardstock or one with a design.

How To: Round Tags-Large Jar 
Back tag on large jar cut using a 3.5" scallop punch
Top tag on large jar cut using a 3" scallop punch

 How To: Round Tags-Small Jar 
Back tag on small jar cut using a 2 .5" round punch (to match the top of the jar) 
Top tag on small jar cut using  2"  scallop punch
To add "Happy Valentine's Day Tag to front of heart, fold down the middle first

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