Friday, October 7, 2011

(At least) 140 FREE Halloween Pumpkin Carving Patterns

 Let's get ready to carve the pumpkins by gathering up some of your favorite patterns. They're all freebies so browse through and find the ones you like the best and download the pattern. You'll find At Least 140 free patterns, if not more!

You are all familiar with Pumpkin Masters.  They are the best! Head to their link for more patterns, plus if you like them on facebook you can get even more. They have a lot of great "Pumpkin" information. Click Here to go to their site  There's a facebook link there and here are a couple of the other patterns you get from Liking their Facebook page

Next let's go to the Spook Master for some free downloads. Click Here to see more patterns

Then head on over to Halloween Pumpkins to check them out. They have 38 different patterns to choose from. Click Here to download your favorites.

Here's a Pumpkin Carving site that offers 75 different Pumpkin patterns. Blow are the different categories: Click Here to go to the web page where you will find the following  patterns:

Scary Pumpkin Stencils
Jack-O-Lantern Faces
Cute Pumpkin Stencils
Angry Birds Halloween Stencils
Transformers Pumpkin Stencils
Travel Pumpkin Stencils
Creative & Artistic Pumpkin Stencils
Angels & Demons 'Ambigrams'
Words, Text, Phrases Stencils for Halloween
Disney & Kids Cartoon Stencils


See 31 more carved pumpkins Here 

Head on over to the Disney Family Fun Site to see more fun pumpkin carving patterns (free) 
 Disney Family Fun

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Click Here to see our  earlier post with some amazing carved pumpkins-They will give you all kinds of inspiration.

Have fun making your pumpkin into one of your favorite characters! 



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