Friday, January 8, 2016

{Freebie) 30 New Lunchbox Notes-2nd Collection-The Kids Will Love These!!!

We designed these lunchbox notes a while ago, (they were only our second collection) but we wanted our new followers know about them too. There are 30 notes in this collection. You'll find some notes that are blank so you can put in your own message. We wanted these notes to be convey a happy and inspirational feeling to your kids, to make their day a little brighter while they are away from a hug from mom or dad.  I hope you agree that we have accomplished this.

HERE to download our 2nd collection of Lunchbox Notes. We'd love for you to become a friend of our Blog and  Facebook Page   

There are 30 Lunchbox notes all together in this file. 
(all the notes are not shown here) 

Our name will not appear on the notes that you will be able to download. Once you download the set you can print as many as you like. But beware, once you put a Lunchbox Note in your children's lunch they are going to want one every day! Guaranteed.  Only for PERSONAL USE. May not be distributed or sold under any circumstances!

Now you've got a fun note for the kid's school lunch how about a yummy and fun treat for lunch? 

Check this yummy recipe using Chocolate Cheerios and Peanut Butter Cheerios--It's like Rice Krispies with yummy marshmallows. It will be a fun treat for your kid's lunches. Click HERE to get the recipe. 


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Jamilyn B said...


Crystal said...

I'm following the blog and a FB fan, how do I print these?

It's Written on the Wall said...

Hi Crystal, If you haven't already received the Halloween Lunchbox Love Notes just leave us a message on our facebook page along with your email address and we'll get them to you.

Lulu, Karl, Carlita, y Luke said... - like and loving these love notes. please send link. thanks

Jodi said...

I'm a fan and would love to print all your different lunch box notes!

Tangie said...

I would love it if you would send me all your lunchbox notes. My son could use the pick me up at school. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

I'm a FB fan! Please send to

Emily Tycksen said...

Darling! I would love your link. Please send to

Anonymous said...

Can you please send me the link to these?
I am a friend on facebook.
Thanks much!

Anonymous said... please send the lunch notes

Gray said...

I just "liked" you on face book. I would love the freebie you offered to your facebook fans. Also the freebie 'lunchbox printables'. Thank you! Have A Great Day!

Anonymous said...

I just liked you on fb. You have some very cute things on your site. I just tried to download the lunchbox printables but the link it taking me to a teacher appreciation notes file. Just thought you should know. I'd really love to get the lunchbox notes, though. Thanks!

It's Written on the Wall said...

Thanks for letting me know. I've just corrected the link and you will be able to download the 2nd set of our Lunchbox Notes

Amy said...

LOVE ALL the lunchbox love notes. Can you send me the link to download?

Is there a way I can be on an automatic email that sends out the new lunchbox notes? I JUST LOVE THEM!

Thank you!

Melissa said...

These are awesome! Thank you so much for sharing!

diana said...

How can get this notes?

Julie @ The Teaching Bug said...

It would be great if you had a set of lunchbox notes for preschoolers who aren't quite reading yet.


hyarbrough said...

Can I please get the link & the Halloween ones? Thank you! :) Holly

Count your blessings said...

These are precious!! I can just imagine the smiles on my boys' faces as they discover these notes in their lunch bags!! Would love the link to be able to print! Thanks so much!!!


It's Written on the Wall said...

You can download these lunchbox notes and two others on their respective posts. Our freebies are showing down the right side of our blog. Just click on the photo of the lunchbox notes you want. (first, second and third collections)

Anonymous said...

Hi I liked you on fb and would love to print these. .. I'm using my phone so i hope I'm doing this right! !

It's Written on the Wall said...

You may have to use a computer to download the files so you can print them out. There is a link in the first paragraph that you click on to go to the site that is hosting our freebies.

Furocious Beasts said...

I love love these but I can't seem to download them. I click on your link and it opens to download, but when I click on the download button, nothing happens. What am I doing wrong? I NEEED these!

It's Written on the Wall said...

Hello, thanks for your message. It appears that you can just print them when you get to our hosting site, instead of downloading it. Just click on the print link and print them off.